The concept

We release a few innovative items at a time in our shop. Most garments can be worn multiple ways and dressed up or down. We don't believe in fast fashion or in garments that are only worn once or twice and forgotten. Each release contains clothing and accessories for every aspect of your multifaceted life, from celebrating on the dance floor to meditation, yoga, and ceremony, and everything in between. Like walking the dog. Or a gala fundraiser. Or an overseas adventure. No matter what worlds you're walking between, we've got you covered.

If you're looking for something bespoke, book an appointment for a personal consultation to try on samples and browse fabrics. Reserve an entire afternoon for yourself and friends or come for a private experience where you are the focus. Perfect for special events, weddings, bachelorette adventures, travel, performances, or just as a special gift to yourself, custom garments are a phenomenal way to celebrate your unique spirit.


Temple Ro is committed to American manufacturing, empowering women and girls through connection to each other and to their physical bodies, and slow, ethical, compassionate, sustainable fashion.


We choose to manufacture our clothing and accessories in the USA because we can easily visit the factories we're working with to ensure that everyone involved is a well paid adult working in a safe environment. The number of jobs created by the US garment industry is growing every day, as is the demand for American Made clothing. Our dream is to have our own manufacturing facility where we can train and employ hundreds of skilled technicians. It's been thrilling to watch the growth of the US garment industry over the past few years, and we're incredibly excited to be part of it.


"There is no tool more effective for development than the empowerment of women" - Kofi Annan

We couldn't agree more! There are two ways that Temple Ro focuses on doing this. The first is through strategic programs and collaborations that connect women and girls within the community through events and workshops where women come together to support, witness, and learn from each other. The second is through body-positive imagery and branding, one-on-one consultations, and the creation of clothing that accentuates body types of all shapes and sizes.


Our products will always be vegan. We will never use animal products of any kind in any way. When we develop a fabric, it will always be with a US fabric mill. We are committed toincluding increasing quantities of sustainable fabrics like modal, recycled polyester, and organic cotton in our collections. For all other fabrics we search the US market for deadstock or closeout fabric that otherwise may end up in a landfill.

the designer

Since launching Temple Ro, I have been humbled to witness the power and confidence women radiate when they feel beautiful. As humans, our inner environments are often shaped by our appearance, and more importantly, by how our appearance makes us feel. When a woman steps into Temple Ro and feels connected with her unique beauty and physical body, it is truly a powerful experience to behold.

I recently got a message from a client saying “thank you for helping me feel gorgeous in my own skin,” and I think that sums it up perfectly. It’s my honor and pleasure to help women feel beautiful in their own perfect skin, and my prayer is that this empowerment changes the world.

To learn more about Rose, find her on instagram.