Good afternoon from Temple Ro HQ!

You may have seen the meme on social media that says "Go 24 hours without complaining. (Not even once.) Then watch how your life starts changing!" I created a Temple Ro version below in case you haven't seen one yet. In the spirit of exploring how our words become our reality, I challenge us all to try this out for a whole week and report back our experience in the comments.

I'm really excited to try this. I've noticed before that when I choose to keep my words positive, I feel better overall. This is not to say that every single thing needs to have a fake positive spin or that we shouldn't express things that are difficult or that we need support around. Processing something difficult or needing support is different than complaining. Complaining is negativity for negativity's sake – negative self talk, negative framing of having to work or of being exhausted, etc. If you find yourself making conversation by trash talking, focusing on the negative, or leading with the negative…that's complaining. This Huffington Post article suggests using rubber band or bracelet on one wrist that you switch to the other wrist every time you catch yourself complaining. This can help you realize just how many times a day you do it.


Post your experience in the comments!

In love and positivity,

Temple Ro