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14 Shades of Pink // PM's 14 year Anniversary // CO Edition

We are so excited to join our Pink Mammoth family and community in Colorado for a super special anniversary celebration! Details below.

Colorado Family, It’s our Birthday!

Pink Mammoth and your community of wild lights welcomes you to a night of deep grooves and bright soul-lifting vibes. Let’s kick up the dust together as we celebrate 14 joy filled years of <<Pink Love>>

$14 limited pre-sales!

As always, we encourage your brightness, your full expression, your prayer.


Gravity (Pink Mammoth)
Ryel K

Temple Ro is coming back to Colorado!

Clothing for ceremony & celebration, made in San Francisco with love and cruelty-free fabric.

<<Artist Involvement>>
We believe our events are made more beautiful and memorable when our community shares their talents and passions. If you have been wanting to be more involved in our collective and events and are inspired to do so now, please contact us at:

<<The Venue>>
We are excited to host our first event at a beautiful and elegantly appointed studio in a secluded area of Denver. The location will be released a few days prior to the event.

<<The Bar>>
We will have a full cash bar as well as local elixers. BYOCup to ease environmental burdens and SAVE $1 per drink!