Halloween can be a fun and hilarious season where we get to try on new avatars, express ourselves through costume, or enact our favorite puns in clothing form. It can also be a wasteful time of year that contributes to the damage fast fashion is already doing to our environment. That’s why we put together our lookbook of costumes made entirely from Temple Ro, items you probably already have, and a few pieces from a thrift store. And if none of our suggestions sound interesting, we suggest writing “Dave” on a name tag and keeping it simple before you spend a ton of money on a costume you’ll only wear once. (Unless your name is Dave, in which case we suggest Delilah.)

Meliz Ruth 1 WEB.jpg

Ruth Bader ginsbug

Our favorite super hero, The Notorious RBG! Items for this look:

  • Robe - The AFE Robe in Black

  • Glasses - our designer already owned these

  • Earrings - found at Community Thrift in SF, a non-profit where sales benefit over 175 charities

  • Dissent Collar - we cut this off the bottom of an old shirt. A doily would also work!

  • Badass stand for women, equal rights, and the constitution - we’re guessing you already have these

a car wash

Group costume idea! We couldn’t stop laughing at this one! Wash random cars on the street, wash people at a party (get consent), or carry around a toy car and wash it all night long. LOL. Items used for this look:

Car Wash 1 WEB.jpg

Goldie Locks WEB.jpg

Goldie Lock(s)

Dad joke costume! We couldn’t resist this pun. Items for this look:

  • Gold Jumpsuit

  • Earrings - Community Thrift in SF

  • Lock - we used a bike lock from a friend, but a padlock, a diary lock, chains with a lock, or any combo you happen to have would work


Nothing don't mean nothing, honey, if it ain't free! We had to do Janis with our Gold Sophies. We hope she’d approve. Items for this look:

  • Gold Sophie Bells (but any of our velvet bell bottoms would work!)

  • Scarves - vintage scarves we already had on hand

  • Crochet vest - found at Buffalo Exchange on Haight Street. We’ll wear again!

  • Round glasses from Wild Feather on Haight Street in SF.

  • Faux Fur Headband - our designer received this as a gift years ago, but there are other great faux fur hats out there like the one Janis rocked.

Meliz Janis 1 WEB.jpg

Belle Prince 1 WEB.jpg


Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here today to honor our favorite visionary and musical genius. Items used for this look:

  • Sophie Bells in Royalty (the Royalty Jumpsuit would work too!)

  • The Coco Vest (back in stock in a slightly different fabric next week!)

  • Cuffs and Ascot - Parts of an old shirt that we cut and pinned

  • Sunglasses - Wild Feather. They also carry the three lense third eye sunnies he made famous!

Shadow 2 WEB.jpg

a shadow

You may have to look twice to catch this one! We suggest quietly lieing down behind people and letting them discover what you are. Trust us, it’s funny every time.

Items for this look:

Show us what costumes you wear by tagging #templerointhewild on Insta, and have a happy and safe Halloween!

Huge thanks to the following people for making the shoot happen:

Photography: Ashley Wacker

Models: Belle & Meliz